Best Transgender Dating Sites in the US

Transgender dating in the US can be challenging, with stigmas and prejudices. This means that many trans people feel uncomfortable about connecting with new contacts and other trans personals openly and need to feel confident that they are dating a like-minded single.

Transgender dating sites vary widely in quality and content. While mainstream platforms can exclude trans singles, we have created a rating of trans friendly platforms so everybody can seek love and romance. Dating a trans woman, as well as a trans man became easier on trans woman dating sites.

The New Trans Dating Solution

This website features in-depth reviews of many dating platforms; here you will find their functions, overall user’s experience, etc. has its own blog and a list of transgender dating service in its archive, which can be easily found by going to “Reviews List” section.

So, naturally, it comes as a great help to those looking to find only the best.

How to Connect with Transgender Personals

If you are seeking to connect with nearby transgender, here is a handy run down so you can quickly see which platforms might be right for you!


onenightfriend for transgender dating


  • OneNightFriend has an exclusive TG casual encounters page, so it is inclusive of transgender preferences.
  • Registration choices remain limited to describing yourself as a male or a female.
  • There is very little detail on registration, so you may select your preferred matches as either male or female.  OneNightFriend Review


clickandflirt for transgender dating

  • ClickandFlirt has only the functions to register as a male or a female.
  • The platform does have a dedicated transgender page, so TG users are welcome to use the platform.
  • Options both for selecting your preferences, and that of the subscribers you would like to meet, are limited to men or women.  ClickAndFlirt Review


naughtydate transsexual

  • has a convenient transgender chat-room.
  • The dating site provides a safe platform for TG singles to connect.
  • You only need your email address to get started with TG dating.
  • The great search function gives you a variety of options to find your ideal match.  NaughtyDate Review


okcupid for transgender

  • Requires an email address & password before you can view the registration choices.
  • Default is to register as a man or woman, but if you select ‘other options,’ this brings up a list of alternatives.
  • These include choices such as transfeminine, trans ladies, bigender, pangender, androgynous, and fluid.
  • You can then decide which searches to be included in.  OkCupid Review


Match for transgenders


  • It allows you to select only one identification preference – either a male or a female.
  • You need to choose how you wish to be identified – this again is either a male or a female.
  • Is inclusive of gay members, and does not exclude TG applicants.  Match Review


tinder for transgender dating

  • To set up a Tinder account, you first need to log in with Facebook, Google, or your mobile number.
  • There are over 50 identification choices to choose from and nine sexualities.
  • However, there are reports of non-binary subscribers being blocked or banned when changing their gender on the platform.  Tinder Review



  • Dedicated alternative dating platform; on registration, you can sign up as an individual or as couples.
  • Gender identification choices include TS / TV / TG (grouped into one option).
  • A very open platform, however, the alternatives to register as a TG single are restricted given that the account type you identify with is grouped with all other non-binary preferences.  TSDates Review


mytranssexualdate review

  • Aimed at connecting trans-women with men.
  • The only choices when registering are either as a male or non-CIS woman.
  • Limited capacity, since the platform only caters to TS women without any other preference choices.  MyTranssexualDate Review

Creating a New Dating World with Our Trans Dating Site

In real-world romance, it can be hard to connect with an authentic date or start dating a trans lady because they may be cautious about their true selves. The reason for that would be the non-accepting part of the society, which is, thankfully, not the case with this site. The staff highly respects all non-binary people, so there won’t be an issue. – or whether you choose to bring this up at all.

A lot of traditional networking platform are still difficult places to connect:

  • There is a vulnerability of unkind treatment from a CIS audience.
  • The number of potential connections is minimal.

Even dedicated TG friendly platforms can feel focused solely on the casual relationships and sex category, rather than helping TS singles discover meaningful partnerships.

However, even with that con, it is possible to build a meaningful and serious relationship out of casual dates.

Platforms from our rating feel truly advance and offer a solution to trans people by giving them means of connecting with people, making friends. They got an opportunity to send contact requests directly to other single guys or girls, who will accept them as they are..

Here are our tips for success with transgender personals:

  • Be yourself – everybody else is taken!
  • Be honest about what you are looking for from love.
  • Walk away from any conversations that you don’t feel comfortable with.
  • Respond to connection requests, and be confident about striking up a DM with anybody who catches your eye!

If you are considering finding a TS girlfriend, an upgraded monthly membership is a worthwhile investment into your future happiness!

Premium monthly account benefits usually include:

  • Unrestricted filters, content access, and private messages.
  • Advanced functions to connect with just the TG singles you are looking for.
  • Removal of pop-up ads, making it faster and easier to flirt.
  • Increased account information to attract more hot TG subscribers.

Remember to look after your safety, using any internet platform, especially if you are a trans girl. We always recommend:

  • Never share any private details or financial information on the web.
  • Always arrange a new date in a public place if you have not met before.
  • Reporting any unsolicited contact immediately to customer service admin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get the Best Out of Transgender Dating Sites?

A great advice would be to look up some reviews on the internet and get to know all the features of the website of your choice so you can use them to maximum advantage.

How do I Find my Local Transgender Singles?

You can try to find them in real life, but practice shows that this method is not very effective, which is perfectly understandable with so many people being non-accepting.
However, online dating has you safe at all times. For example, when you register, you choose your location to find matches in the area, but before going out on a date with them you need to build trust, and only then arrange a meeting.

In a modern-day, dating websites are a perfect place for meeting transgender people because here, they have full freedom and a benefit of choice.

Is There a Tinder for Trannys?

Yes – this is it! Tinder itself is a great casual encounters app and does offer lots of choices and preferences. However, there have been lots of reports of unkind treatment on the app, and there are some better sites for trans personals in our rating – just check!

What is the Difference Between Transsexual and Transgender?

TS refers to a person who has transitioned or is in the journey of transitioning to a different sex than that into which they were born. TG is a more general term and means anybody who lives as and wishes to be known as a different gender than they had at birth.

Where to Look for Transgender Matches

There are many apps and sites where you can meet amazing TG personals. Our team has selected the best platforms for a transgender dating for you, which will offer you great features to facilitate your search for the ideal trans partner. Creating a profile on these apps and matching with local people is easy and 100 % free.

Who is on Transgender Dating Sites

On a transgender dating site, you can meet both trans individuals and other people interested in casual hookups or more serious relationships with them. There are plenty of men who register at trans woman dating sites to experiment and admire the beauty of transgender women. Anyone who feels somehow rejected by society manages to find new friends on these websites.

How do Transgender Dating Sites Work

Most trans dating sites don’t require private and too confidential information. Usually, you have to provide your age and location and develop a username and password for accessing the site. The final step is to verify your email address by clicking on the link you have received. Then, you can start browsing profiles and joining transgender chat rooms.

How to Succeed on Transgender Dating Sites

It doesn’t take that much to succeed on a trans dating site. The most important thing is to create an eye-catching and elaborate profile. You have to upload photos of good quality and add an original status message or bio. The video feature available on some sites can also help you present yourself in the best way possible.

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