Do I Have Gender Dysphoria? Answering All Your Queries

Gender Dysphoria

Talking About Gender Dysphoria

Transgenders suffer from gender dysphoria at some point in their life. In our society, when a child is born, he/she is assigned to gender based on physical appearances. That can be deceiving. There may be a boy living in the girl’s body and vice versa. Now, that leaves a deep impact on life. Parents bring up children differently. They get frocks and dolls for their girls, trousers and truck toys for the boys. This behavior continues all through life. At some point, a transperson begins to question why he/she is not comfortable playing the assigned role. Why do they feel better about behaving like the other gender? If you have ever asked yourself all these questions, then you probably suffer from gender dysphoria.

There are many psychological tests to assess if you suffer from this condition. The psychological manuals treat it as someone’s discomfort. Gender identity is not an issue, and you should not let anyone tell you that.

Gender Dysphoria Quiz

How do you know if you have this kind of dysphoria? Let us ask you few questions:

  1. Do you think of yourself as a transgender? Y/N
  2. Do you like the idea of being the other gender? Y/N
  3. Do you hate the idea of filling your birth-assigned gender on different forms? Y/N
  4. Do your friends and family treat you like the other gender? Y/N
  5. Do you feel like you are non-binary or queer? Y/N
  6. Do you dream of being the opposite gender someday? Y/N
  7. Do you have to put in extra effort to look or behave like your birth-assigned gender? Y/N
  8. Have you ever tried to change your birth-assigned gender legally? Y/N
  9. Have you ever dressed as the other gender in private or public? Y/N
  10. Do you hate your body because of your sex organs? Y/N
  11. Do you ever think of a gender-changing operation? Y/N
  12. Are you sexually interested in both men and women? Y/N
  13. Are you LGBTQ? Y/N
  14. Do strangers treat you like the other gender based on your physical appearance? Y/N
  15. Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of getting intimate only with the other gender? Y/N

Result: If you answer yes to more than 50% of the questions, then you probably have gender dysphoria. Since this is a self-assessment test, you should better get in touch with a clinical psychologist. He/she will ensure that you get rid of that constant feeling of discomfort with your body. Also, with proper counseling, you will learn to embrace your unique gender identity.

What are the Types of Gender Dysphoria?

There is 2 types of gender dysphoria:

  1. Physical dysphoria: Transpersons who are sensitive about their physical appearance suffer from physical dysphoria. They may be uncomfortable with their shrill voice or extra chest hair.
  2. Social dysphoria: Our society treats transgenders unfairly. They are tied to their gender-specific roles even if they don’t like it. This creates mental tension in a person’s mind. This leads to social dysphoria.

Being a transgender is not something to be ashamed of. But another facet to it is the brutal treatment given by family, friends, and even strangers. That is why most transgenders wish to go for sex-reversal surgery.

Will It Ever Be Possible for Me to Find a Partner?

Yes! Absolutely! Trans people do have dedicated trans dating sites. These trans dating websites specifically cater to the needs of transgenders. All you need to do is sign up for it: enter your personal details, what type of partner you are looking for, and get ready to begin your relationship.

Another aspect is supporting your trans partner. People who have been in trans dating admit that their partner usually suffered from gender dysphoria. The role of a romantic partner in fighting off this condition is significant. He/she makes sure to love their partner unconditionally and acts as the support system in times of distress. Talk out with him/her. After all, dating is all about being each other’s support system.

So, if you have been pondering whether to take the services of professional trans dating websites, let us highlight the advantages:

  1. It saves time: You do not need to attend those trans-specific parties and then try to find the perfect partner. Just create your profile and search for your soul mate from the comfort of your couch.
  2. Better understanding: These websites have a separate “about me” section. There you can tell about yourself. This allows people to know you in a better way.
  3. Nearest date within minutes: Most of the trans-dating websites have location-based services. So, you can find a partner just a few steps away from you!

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