How Much It Costs to Be Transgender

become a transgender

There are two ways to become transgender. One of them is to simply change your appearance as far as it depends on you. You can remove hair, wear different clothes, use make-up, change your name, etc. The other option is to go all the way and undergo medical procedures for changing your gender. But transgender people interested in having surgery must pay a really serious amount of money. The average cost is $30,000 and above, and it’s usually not covered by health insurance. In the USA, it might cost you more than $100K for a full transition. However, some people don’t want surgery but take an interest in other medical options. If you have similar intentions, you should consult with specialists and see what can be done.

Social Transitioning

The process of changing your looks and the way people see you become transgender is called transitioning. It can be in different forms. One of them is social transitioning. The first step that this type of transition requires is to come out to your family and friends as transgender. But this is also one of the hardest steps because of most people’s skeptical and judgmental attitude.

Another thing transsexuals do during their social transition is to make others use pronouns that match their desired gender identity. Sometimes transgender people go by another name as well. And, of course, they all start dressing and grooming in a way that matches their gender identity.

Basically, this is what you can do when it comes to social transitioning. In case you don’t find support from your closest people, you can always join groups or visit a therapist if you feel depressed. Trans woman dating sites are also a great place to meet people who will understand and back you up. If you experience gender dysphoria, you don’t have to go through this alone. We all know this is an unusual condition, but if you keep it to yourself and do not share it with anyone, things may worsen.

Medical Transition

Trans women and men who have decided to make a medical transition have a long way to go. First, they have to start hormone therapy to help them develop characteristics typical for the opposite gender like less or more body hair, bigger or smaller breasts and hips, etc. Many trans individuals are willing to get breast implants and remove their testes and penis. Others prefer to undergo only lighter procedures like laser hair removal, facial feminization surgery, or reduction of Adam’s apple. If you desire to start a medical transition to become transgender, you should take into account your health condition first and consult with the right specialists. With contemporary advanced medicine, many things can be done as long as it is safe for your health.

Is it Mandatory to Transition Medically?

It is not necessary to transition medically if you want to become transgender. Everyone makes their own choice according to their preferences and financial capabilities. Some transgender people transition only socially. Others do only a few medical procedures. And the third group has a complete gender reassignment surgery and pays lots of money. The majority of transsexuals decide to take hormones and avoid serious surgeries.

In other cases, people have a strong desire to undergo different manipulations and surgeries but just can’t afford them. Unfortunately, in most countries, gender-changing procedures are not covered by health insurance. Regardless of what transgender people choose to do, they should be respected and not bullied because of their social or medical transition. Bear in mind, the medical transition is a long process, and if you are planning to do it, you will need support. Besides, people experience transitioning differently, and there might be complications.

Becoming Transgender – Risks and Benefits

There are many things you should take into consideration before becoming transgender. Your health should always come first. That is why you have to consider your condition and genes if you want to undergo certain medical procedures. It’s no secret transgender people at great risk when they have gender reassignment surgery. The recovery after such surgeries also takes time and effort. If you are brave enough and think it’s worth it, you are free to do it. But most transsexuals choose only the social transitioning.

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