Review: Is It Worth the Effort?

transgenderdate site
Bonus is one of the better online dating services for transgender singles to connect with other people in the trans community. Straight from the off, you can tell the admins and web developers seek to create a secure and fun place for people to share experiences and connect. They offer a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community (and even straight people) to explore transsexual dating in the modern age.

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As you would expect from a site like, most users identify as transgender or transsexual, so if you are looking to meet a trans woman, you are in look. That being said, there seems to be a relatively high number of straight people who use this site as a springboard into the world of transgender dating. After all, inclusivity is key when it comes to this sort of matchmaking service.

Sign-Up and Login Process

You’ll be happy to hear that makes things very simple when it comes to the registration process. You can have a profile up and running in one minute, and you do not need to verify your email to do so. Unfortunately, you cannot connect your Facebook account to log in that way. Your username cannot be changed either, but this is only a minor gripe about an otherwise seamless registration process.

Free Account

What really sets apart from the competition is the fact the service is completely free for all users. This means you get unlimited access to the chatrooms and instant messenger. You also do not have to contend with annoying adverts. You can upgrade to VIP, but this is also free. You simply need to verify your profile with a time-stamped photograph confirming you are who you say you are.

Profile Quality

Profiles are often detailed, and most members on this site are genuine. You can change your information whenever you want and embed music on your profile page if you so wish. However, only users with approved photos can comment on blog posts and other profiles. The approval process can sometimes take up to 12 hours. We were pleasantly surprised overall about profile functionality and the website’s commitment to letting you add your own personal touch.

Search has a decent search engine, which lets you find transgender people in your area and those who identify as another gender. Again, all members of the LGBTQ+ community are represented on this site. This is reflected in the search feature.


Security is quite unique with Anybody can create a profile and explore all the services for free. Because of this, there are definitely a number of fake users and timewasters. But this is the risk you run when you don’t have a verification process at the point of registration. As long as users are diligent and cautious about giving out information, they won’t run into any security issues.


One of the biggest downfalls of is the overall design and functionality of the site. While things work the way they’re supposed to, for the most part, the layout is bland and rather plain. Sure, things are neat and well laid-out, but the color scheme and general appearance are a total bore. We can’t judge them too harshly, especially seeing as though the site is completely free in the first place. What it lacks in style, it makes up for in generosity.


As aforementioned, is completely free – making it the go-to service for many transgender people. The website is all about promoting LGBTQ+ culture, and they believe this should not come at a financial price. If you want extra features, you can upgrade to VIP. Again, that is free of charge. All you need is a verification process, and you’re good to go.

Customer Service

Customer service is always on hand at No matter your issues, they are happy to help and do their best to solve any problems. They are strict about promoting inclusivity and equal rights for all members, trans or otherwise. They do not tolerate hate speech and are quick to clamp down on any users who seek to disrupt the good-natured feel of the chatrooms and forums.


The lack of a verification process when you first create a profile is a cause for some concern. This practice undoubtedly leads to some dodgy customers making accounts and attempting to scam other users. The design of the site leaves a lot to be desired as well, never really capturing the imagination. It is functional but never truly creative or inspiring.

Our Review is excellent for transgender people looking for a fun environment to make new friends and flirt with potential partners. The trans community has been crying out for a dating site like this for a long time. However, some security issues and an unimaginative design stop it from being a top-tier matchmaking service. That being said, it is well worth your time, only because it does not cost a penny to create an account.


Is good for meeting transgender women?

Yes – is brilliant for meeting transgender women, as well as other people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. The member pool is quite big, and they’re plenty of genuine profiles. The emphasis is on the fun. If you use this website in the correct way, you’ll meet lots of good-natured and friendly trans women.

Is my account protected?

Indeed, your account is protected by a dedicated admin team. If you want extra security, you can become a VIP member with a simple verification photo. As with all dating sites, you should always be careful when giving out information online.

Is it worth paying for

You actually do not have to pay a single penny for As mentioned before, the website is entirely free for anybody interested in connecting with transgender people in the LGBTQ+ community.

transgenderdate site